A Life in Skyrim: Out in the World

AHHH!!  Its cold.  Well its cold looking.  Sorry about the time between videos.  I’ll try to be better.  I tried to upload part 6 as a whole episode 5 – 6 times over night but every moring I got the same thing.  (ERROR!!)  So I had to cut them in half.

A life in Skyrim: Part 5: Time to go to the Small Hamlet

Part 5 was alot of walking around listening to people.  I’m not sure if I got enough witty one liners in there.

A Life in Skyrim: Part 6: No Blacksmith Christmas

Part 1

Part 2

I learned from this that you should try to keep your videos at most around 10 minutes and if you have a chance to upgrade from DSL to something faster you should do it quickly so uploading doesn’t have to happen only when you go to bed.  It will also make updating games happen all the faster.

Now who is ready for some 2 handed sword killing?


Lord of the Rings Online: a Test Drive

I was looking over a friend’s gaming activity and saw Lord of the Rings and thought to myself “why did he download that?  his personal life barely lets him play his ladders let alone an MMO.”  So I load it up and….  Well lets let it download..   ok.  now lets fire it up..  Now a update.  ohh come one.  *sigh*

Given that it is a MMO game its no surprise it took a while to set up.  Now lets dive into the material.    Graphics are good enough to be emursive but for those of you looking for Skyrim or  Crysis 2 graphics need not apply.  On a side note why does my Elf Lore Master look like a musketeer with a staff? Answer: Its the hat.

Gameplay is easy for anyone who has played any MMO.  I’m not into some of the higher levels in the game but this is just a quick 6 to 9 hour test drive of the game. Crafting is a little different in that you get 3 crafting skills but they are set up in packages. I have a feeling this is going to cause me some frustration but I haven’t been able to test it out enough yet.  Leveling is not as fast as some other MMOs like WoW or D&D online.

Story the game has scored its highest value of points.  I’m interested to see what happens next.  and I am about to face Goblins the first enemy I’m sure has direct ties to Sauron.  (Spell check wants to turn Sauron into Sauropod. Just FYI)

Lord of the Rings online and D&D MMO share the same premium game money.  thats on thing i dislike about free MMOs.  they make their money on selling premium accounts and not giving everyone a level field of play.

Anyway I hope this review was insightful and helped you in deciding if you want to play the game or not.  I’m off to look for a troll to kill.  Something tells me I’m going to need to level more for that.

Skyrim: Its Still in the Begining.

OHH GOD!! I feel like I wasted 44 minites cause the mic setting was not high enough and came out sounding so weak.  I hope you guys still find something fun to laugh as straining to hear me.  I would of redone it but after doing all those my throat was sore and then trying to load it blah.  So thats the reason it took a while.  Here are part 3 and 4.  I hope you enjoy them and I’ll add part 5 and 6 later in the week.  Then after looking at burning them I’ll start some new videos.

A Life in Skyrim: Part 3: Take the Armor

A Life in Skyrim: Part 4: Even Nords scream at Icky Bugs

I have not died on air yet.  Make bets as how long this will last.  :-p

Skyrim: the Begining

I got The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim as a Christmas present and thought I would share my unique brand of humor while exploring the Skyrim world with you.   I’ll admit I was inspired by Tobygames (Subscribe to the funny man.)  I wanted to see if I could play Skyrim well and be funny at the same time.  Its still an experiment in progress but the good sign is that Tobuscus died during the tutorial and I haven’t So I believe we are off to a good start.  (I’m not hating Toby its just annoying to watch a whole episode praying at the youtube video “please let him figure out he is going the wrong way” or “I hope he realizes he dropped the awesome weapon back there.”)

Part 1: Awakening

Part 2: Things get Nasty QUICK

I’ve had a lot of fun making the videos and learning the many methods of sharing said videos.  Its something I never thought about and just watched the videos people put out on line and youtube.  I can now say its not easy without a bit of understanding but its not hard enough that every one could not do it if they wished to join the internet in posting a video of the perfect video kill, an epic fail moment, or a weird in game glitch.

I will continue to make videos of this game and maybe some others.  I hope you enjoy them.

The coming of 2012

On the last few hours of 2011 I am launching a new chapter in my life with my first blog.  I am going to vocalize my thoughts on games and media on this blog, entertain the masses with what may end up being my unique brand of ‘Hey watch me play this video game’ humor, mention some cool or distressing personal things to you the internet masses without getting too personal, and pretty much anything else I feel is worth a share.

So please share this with your friends and family and lets have a fun voyage for the next year and maybe beyond.


Orgrim Darkwater

PS.   Look for a video in the next few days.