Skyrim: the Begining

I got The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim as a Christmas present and thought I would share my unique brand of humor while exploring the Skyrim world with you.   I’ll admit I was inspired by Tobygames (Subscribe to the funny man.)  I wanted to see if I could play Skyrim well and be funny at the same time.  Its still an experiment in progress but the good sign is that Tobuscus died during the tutorial and I haven’t So I believe we are off to a good start.  (I’m not hating Toby its just annoying to watch a whole episode praying at the youtube video “please let him figure out he is going the wrong way” or “I hope he realizes he dropped the awesome weapon back there.”)

Part 1: Awakening

Part 2: Things get Nasty QUICK

I’ve had a lot of fun making the videos and learning the many methods of sharing said videos.  Its something I never thought about and just watched the videos people put out on line and youtube.  I can now say its not easy without a bit of understanding but its not hard enough that every one could not do it if they wished to join the internet in posting a video of the perfect video kill, an epic fail moment, or a weird in game glitch.

I will continue to make videos of this game and maybe some others.  I hope you enjoy them.


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