A Life in Skyrim: Out in the World

AHHH!!  Its cold.  Well its cold looking.  Sorry about the time between videos.  I’ll try to be better.  I tried to upload part 6 as a whole episode 5 – 6 times over night but every moring I got the same thing.  (ERROR!!)  So I had to cut them in half.

A life in Skyrim: Part 5: Time to go to the Small Hamlet

Part 5 was alot of walking around listening to people.  I’m not sure if I got enough witty one liners in there.

A Life in Skyrim: Part 6: No Blacksmith Christmas

Part 1

Part 2

I learned from this that you should try to keep your videos at most around 10 minutes and if you have a chance to upgrade from DSL to something faster you should do it quickly so uploading doesn’t have to happen only when you go to bed.  It will also make updating games happen all the faster.

Now who is ready for some 2 handed sword killing?


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